Highly Specialized PPC Management for Better Results!

Our targeted campaigns get your brand in front of people who are actively searching for what you have to offer.

Pay-Per-Click advertising is one of the fastest ways to drive targeted traffic to your website at a low cost. You can expand your reach, drive new leads and create new customers for your business as soon as your first search engine marketing campaign is live. Besides, every aspect of PPC marketing is measurable. You will know your daily budget, how much you pay for each click, and most importantly, your cost per conversion.

Web4Jewelers is known for its skilled Pay Per Click Services which help you from Setting up your Campaigns to regular Management and generating maximum relevant paid traffic and ROI.

Boost your exposure, create brand awareness, and reach your target audience with intelligently-targeted and cost-effective display campaigns to increase sales potential and improve overall ROI.

What We Do

At Web4Jewelers, we provide a variety of Pay Per Click Marketing Services from strategic account setup, implementation and more including

PPC Account Manager Dedicated to Your Account

Competitive, Industry, and Keyword Research

Custom Targeting to Potential Customers

Negative Keyword Monitoring and Filtering

Conversion Tracking and Ongoing Optimization

Dynamic Ad Creation to Target Customers

Ad Extensions Optimization

Ad Extensions Optimization

Ad Extension Management

Keyword Bid Management

A/B Ad Split-Testing

Landing Page Optimization

Quality Score Improvement

Call Tracking​

Much more

Why Choose Web4Jewelers

By choosing Web4Jewelers for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management, you can ensure that your account is in good hands.  An account manager will be going through your account daily to manage keywords, test ads, organize the budget, and reduce wasted ad spend.  Being a Certified Google Partner provides us with the latest valuable tools and resources, ongoing support and additional information to effectively manage your campaign.

Below are some of the things we do that separate us from other marketing agencies. 

Our Recipe For Your PPC Success

Our specific set of processes attracts the right customers for your business.


How many phrases can I target?

Unlimited. As many as needed to achieve traffic and sales in line with an effective strategy.

There are so many pay per click companies, why are you better?

Our diverse team has been carefully selected and includes PPC strategists from large agencies and internally from multinational corporations.

How do you determine the monthly price?

The price depends on hours required for monthly account building and optimization tasks.

How long does it take?

We will usually have your campaign up and running within 72 hours.

What exactly will you do?

The various optimization tasks are endless and very dependent on your situation at the time. We are more than happy to provide updates on all work performed.