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Every product or service requires publicity. In this age of digital competition, people must know the brand name behind your product. But how do you make them know about it? The simple answer to this question is Social Media Optimization.

At Web4Jewelers, we have a professional approach towards Social Media Marketing, thanks to our experienced team with excellent skills and dedication. We pride ourselves on helping you reach your business goals and fulfill your dreams. With our efficient Social Media strategies, we make sure that you get what you are paying for.

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Benefits of Social Media Optimization


Our social media service can get you interacting, communicating, and connecting with your target audience.

Why Social Media Matters?

“The following industry statistics will help emphasize why social media is important.”

Let’s Grow Your Business Through Social Media
Standard Advanced Premium
Channel Any 2 Channel Optimisation Any 3 Channel Optimisation Any 5 Channel Optimisation


Identify Business Goals
Account Management Any 2 Platforms Any 3 Platforms Any 5 Platforms
Analyze Your Audiences
Create Social Media Calendar
Create a Content Strategy
Identify Hashtags
Social Trending

Facebook Promotion

Profile Optimization
Creative Image 8 10 15
FB Timeline Status Posting 15 20 40
Post Sharing in Groups 5 7 10
Cover Image Creative and Upload 1 1 2
Group Creation 1 2
Groups Join 3 5
Targeted Page Likes 8 to 10%** 10% to 12%** 13%+**
Video-Sharing(provided by client)
Call To Action Button One Time One Time One Time
Facebook Review Postings
Polls Creation & Management
Facebook Insight Monitoring
Deleting of unwanted spam
Traffic Monitoring Through Google Analytics
Sponsored Ads (Additional Cost)

Twitter Promotion

Profile Optimization
Tweets Posting 15 20 40
Targeted Twitter Followers Increase
Background Image Creative and Upload 1 1 2
Cover Photo Creative and Upload 1 1 2
Lists Creation
#hashtag Trend Research
Twitter Analytics Monitoring
Sponsored Tweets(Additional Cost)

Instagram Promotion

Profile Optimization
Instagram Image Sharing 15 20 30
Targeted Instagram Followers Increase
#hashtag Trend Research
Comments & Likes Management [Engagement strategy]
Image Tagging to Friends/Followers [Increase Reach]
Instagram Analytics Monitoring

Linkedin Promotion

Profile Optimization
Linkedin Post Sharing 15 20 40
Targeted Linkedin Connection
Company Page Creation One Time One Time One Time
Company Page Follower Increase
Company page creative banner 1 1 2
Profile Connection Build up
Relevant Group Joining 1 2
Post Sharing in Groups 15 20
Linkedin Performance Review
Linkedin Pulse Posting 1 2

Google+ Promotion

Profile Optimization
Google+ timeline Status Posting 15 20 40
Cover Image Creative and Upload 1 1 2
Community Creation 1 2
Community Join 1 3 5
Targeted Followers
Post Sharing in Community 30 45
Website Verification
Video-Sharing(provided by client)
Google Review Postings
Polls Creation & Management
Google Insight Monitoring
Traffic Monitoring Through Google Analytics
Comment Moderation

Pinterest Promotion

Pinterest Business Account Creation
Pinterest Business Account Setup
Profile Optimization
Board Creation 5 8 10
Pins Posted 15 20 40
Website Verification
Customer Support

YouTube Promotion

Channel Setup
Appropriate Tagging
Share Video
Youtube Channel Optimization
Channel Creative Upload
Video Uploads(provided by client) 5 10 15
Video Promotion 10 20 30
Video Title & Meta Optimization
Thumbnail Creative for Videos
Youtube Subscribers
Youtube Discussion Posting 10 20 30
Youtube Video Views

Blog Activities

Blog Setup
Blogs creation
Content Optimization
Blog promotion on social platforms
Blogs URL Submission 10 25 40


Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc., have become the most visited sites on the internet. If you have a significant presence here, it might go a long way in advertising your business globally. This results in not only more traffic but also better conversions as this isn’t direct selling but an interest-based engagement.

Social media optimization is a natural extension of SEO. Search engine optimization helps you market your site through search engines while SMO strengthens your brand image across the high traffic social media platforms on the internet.

Social media optimization has a positive impact on your rankings as it boosts your rankings by getting high quality links to your site. Such links being natural and organic, search engines loves them too.

Our packages offer Facebook, Flickr, Linkedin, Blog set up, Twitter and a lot more. These are few of the most important social media sites and offer the biggest benefits too. If you require, we can add custom services to the package.

Web4Jewelers is a full-service Social Media Marketing and Web development agency and offers a comprehensive range of SMM/SMO services to our clients. Our expert team members have many years of experience handling social media marketing for numerous clients. Our experts have in-depth knowledge of the intricacies involved in an efficient SMM/SMO campaign. We offer the Best SMO packages for multiple platforms such as: –

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Google +
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • And others