When people subscribe to your email list or exchange information with your brand, they expect to receive back communications that are interesting, valuable and appropriate. Email marketing can be a powerful tool with a huge upside, but most organizations use email inappropriately. 

We help businesses use the internet and digital platforms to engage customers and achieve business goals. Email marketing is a primary tool in the digital marketing tool belt. 

Web4Jewelers connects email initiatives to automation and lifecycle marketing processes to ensure that leads, advocates and customers receive timely, targeted, segmented, appropriate and helpful communications that move them deeper into the engagement process.


Web4Jewelers says cheap? Well, maybe it isn’t “cheap” but it sure is a shallow cost internet marketing channel to implement, and it has an excellent return for your business. That’s a huge difference whether you are a small business with a limited amount of resources or a large corporation with many internet bulk email marketing options to choose. No wonder Web4Jeweler’s price comparatively affordable as premium one.


With Web4Jeweler’s email marketing, can easily choose who receives it and who doesn’t – allowing you to target the population you want to be in front of – you know, the people who want to hear from you and want what you have to offer. You can also easily customise your emails to a segment of the population, to a buyer persona, or even for the current season of the year with our features. You are not being locked into one thing!


When you choose to use Web4Jewelers email service, one of the benefits is the tracking ability you gain. There are many measurable actions can track such as bounce rates, delivery rates, open rates, click through rates, and unsubscribe rates. Quickly get a picture of how email campaigns are performing. Email marketing metrics are essential to monitor and measure internet marketing strategy where you can get by Web4Jewelers Mail.

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